Liym Courteous | The Float Pamphlet

Liym Courteous | The Float Pamphlet

My homie Jerome Warren (@Darealrome), co-founder of DAREALES apparel, put me onto Liym Courteous’ project The Float Pamphlet. On first listen, all I could think about is how smooth and chill his demeanor is on every beat. His laid back flow reminded me of a young Ma$e. As you dig into the lyrics you might believe he is from Miami, but his verses were inspired by Miami’s ambiance and weather made for cruising the South Beach strip. Overall I like his beat selection and flow but I don’t believe he has reached his potential as an emcee. I look forward to Liym’s continued progress in hip hop. Be on the lookout for an Indie Interview with the whole DEHH crew and Liym Courteous in the near future.



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