Linqua Franqa “Eight Weeks” Video

Linqua Franqa “Eight Weeks” Video

The Model Minority LP is the first full-length release by Athens-based linguist-rapper Mariah Parker aka Linqua Franqa. Written and recorded while Parker completed a master’s degree in linguistics at the University of Georgia, The Model Minority LP tells unflinching tales of emotional instability on Up Close and Eight Weeks, drug addiction on Midnight Oil, race and politics on The Con & The Can, and feminist swagger on Gold Bike and Raww. Longtime hip hop heads will hear echoes of nineties New York underground in both her playful vocal delivery and piano-centric, classic R&B-inspired compositions, especially with Eight Weeks, which tackles sensitive topics of depression, self-injury and a woman’s right to choose with both ferocity and grace.

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