Kuro Silence x Samurai Shin: “Blue Clouded Thoughts”

Kuro Silence x Samurai Shin: “Blue Clouded Thoughts”

A couple weeks ago I debuted a track by Core Demonstration called “Two Katanas” from “The Prelude” EP a project shipping with the demo of Samurai Shin Issue 1.5. Samurai Shin is a manga that started earlier this year starring two samurais Keith and Amir who are on the journey to prove that they are worthy of their title.

Back to the music though, this time around I have a track from Kuro Silence called “Blue Clouded Thoughts”. This track was heavily influenced by the Nujabees era of music and it shines in this joint. From the drum transitions to the saxophone and even the jazzy tone and freestyling felt throughout the track. Kuro Silence really takes us back to the days of Champloo and Nujabees with “Blue Clouded Thoughts”. You can stream the single above and if you like you can download the track HERE.

The Prelude EP will release June 24th with a demo version of Samurai Shin 1.5, the full version will be released July 3rd. For details on Samurai Shin click HERE.

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