Krum: “Forget Me Not” [Official Music Video]

Krum: “Forget Me Not” [Official Music Video]

Krum has gone through quite the change since he game into the game years ago, however the message and the depth to his music has remained the same. Last year we got a collaboration album with him and Dallas producer Rob Viktum. Gritty, grimy and honest it was one of my favorite releases from 2016. Now though the transformation continues, this time in “Forget Me Not” we FINALLY get Krum on more of the singing tip and it’s perfect. Krum bares all in this, emotionally vulnerable and open it’s easy to lose the pain, in some of the humor and music being created. But make no mistake there’s some real pain behind the blues of our hero.

Peep the video above and if you like what you hear, you can actually stream the album “Blue Eyed Devil” below.

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