KRS-One Is Still At It With “The World Is MIND”

KRS-One Is Still At It With “The World Is MIND”


An active veteran in the war on wack rhymes, KRS-One has released the thirteenth studio album of his solo career titled “The World Is MIND.” KRS-One has always considered himself an educator, but I seriously want to learn his secrets on staying relevant for so many years. It’s not easy to stay in the game for so long and still maintain a presence. There’s a good chance he already did a song disclosing his secrets to musical endurance, but I wasn’t a smart enough cookie fresh out the oven to detect it all.

Although this is a solo album, there are some notable features sprinkled on for flavor. Shai, Janiece, and K.O.D lend their skills to spice up the album. Even spicier was a more recent controversy in which KRS-One paid tribute to Ad-Rock of the Beastie Boys in the song “Hip Hop Speaks From Heaven.” The only problem with that sentiment  is that Ad-Rock is alive, KRS-One probably meant MCA, who unfortunately passed away in 2012. KRS-One has since sincerely apologized for this mistake and has pulled the song from the album until it is corrected.

Upon listening to a few of the tracks it sounds like there are some real heavy sounds here and the featured artists are a welcome addition. Clearly a full investigation of the album is needed. If you’d like to join me, check out the album stream below. The tracklist is also available below, minus “Hip Hop Speaks From Heaven” for the time being.

1. “Show Respect”
2. “Same Shit”
3. “Keep Clicking” Feat. Shai
4. “Out For Fame”
5. “My Dreams”
6. “Fuck This” Feat. K.O.D
7. “Don’t Ever Stop” Feat. Janiece
8. “RAW B.E.A.T”
9. “You Ain’t Got Time”
10. “No Problems”
11. “You Like Me”
12. “Put Ya Ones Up”
13. “Keep Flowin’”
14. “The World Is Mind”

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