Kourvioisier: “New Beginnings” (produced by FRGN-SPCMN)

Kourvioisier: “New Beginnings” (produced by FRGN-SPCMN)


Kourvioisier is getting set to release his album “No Drive” with Dre Rubio on April 21st. However today I have the debut of a new group compiled of Kourvioisier, Dre Rubio and Ron Jovi to become New Beginnings. Apparently Dre Rubio & Ron Jovi are a production duo called FRGN-SPCMN, they produced the title track and Kourvioisier continues to showcase his prowess on the mic.

The production from Dre Rubio in the last couple singles have given us a good mix of wavy yet still commanding sounds. Kourvioisier comes correct yet again, relating to the listener with his own experiences, then proceeds to call the listener to action to create their own New Beginnings. Peep the single below and if you missed the other singles “The Get Up” “Miles” & “Really Know” you can peep those below as well.

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