Kourvioisier: “Miles” (produced by Dre Rubio)

Kourvioisier: “Miles” (produced by Dre Rubio)


A couple weeks ago we premiered Kourvioisier’sReally Know” produced by Dre Rubio. We’re back with another single from the duo entitled “Miles”. This showcases Kourvioisiers’ & Dre Rubio’s versatility in the music when compared to “Really Know”. Dre slows things down and creates a dreamy and hazy beat for Kourvioisier to wax poetic. A lot of bases are covered here, we get internal reflection and we have Kourvioisier putting the world around him under a microscope.

Kourvioisier and Dre Rubio are getting set to release their album “No Drive” in April and with the two singles they’ve put out, I’m excited to see what their full-length has to bring. For now you can stream “Miles” below and make sure you keep it locked here because we’ll be interviewing Kourvioisier and reviewing his record soon.

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