Kosha Dillz :”JEWS WITH BATS”

Kosha Dillz :”JEWS WITH BATS”


Kosha Dillz crafts a song for the Isreali baseball team. Check it out

When people hear the world Israel, they think many things. Middle East. Falaffel. Politics. Religion. Hebrew. But BASEBALL?

Coming into the World Baseball Classic (WBC) with the world’s lowest ranking (#41) they have managed to comprise a 4 -1 record, beating South Korea, Taiwan, Netherlands and even baseball powerhouse Cuba. Comprised of a team consisting of Major League free Agents , Career minor leaguers, and even a talent buyer for City Winery, they are what movie buffs would call The Bad News Bears, but the Jewish version. A 2017 version of David Vs Goliath, Israel arrived with 200-1 odds of winning, and have a life sized Jewish doll with his own locker called Mensch On a Bench. If you ask anyone in Israel about the success of the Israel Baseball Team, they will tell you they didn’t know they had one. But if Israel beats Japan and makes it to the big game at Dodger Stadium, 1.2 million Jews in LA will certainly make them the hometown favorite. Maybe Jewish Hall of Famer, Sandy Koufax will throw the first pitch.


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