K.O.N.G: “For The Damaged Ones”

K.O.N.G: “For The Damaged Ones”

Releasing 🌊’s of Anxiety seems to be the theme for K.O.N.G.’s newest addition to the Wet Wednesday Series. Coming in at #6 is: “K.O.N.G. – For the Damaged Ones”…. Here we see a more risky, artistic track fueled by a sense of story-building and centered around the recent bullying epidemic; which has no doubt resulted in a spree of mass shootings and suicides here in America. The song follows a day in the life of a teenager who is picked on at school, at home, and otherwise. An unfortunate sentiment shared by far too many nation-wide….

Not only is K.O.N.G. willing to take on fresh and relevant hot-topics such as this for his subject matter, but he also remains on the cutting edge in terms of recording practices and form. For example, the vocal effect of the narrator, in the beginning of the song, is in constant flux, changing from line to line, as if to denote that this “victim” being painted within the lyrics can be anybody as well as everybody, allowing a larger variety to relate to the message, hopefully allowing these “social outcasts” to not feel so alone. It is unorthodox idiosyncrasies like this that separate K.O.N.G. from the rest of the game, as well as work ethic and attention to detail. So without further a-due I’d like to welcome in, WAVE 🌊 6!

NOTE: If you or anyone you know are experiencing a crisis and have considered doing bodily harm to yourself and/or others please inform the proper authorities:

Emergency Services- 911

N.S.P.H. – 1-800-273-8255

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