KLK Beats – “Cruising” (Album Stream)

KLK Beats – “Cruising” (Album Stream)

After spending time in Boston honing his craft, versatile beatsmith KLK Beats traveled back home to his native Tokyo o finish his impressive debut, Cruising, featuring a number of East Coast heavy-hitters.

KLK’s approach to production is undoubtedly rooted in Hip-Hop and its myriad of influences (Soul, Jazz, Funk, and R&B), but it’s also one that’s diverse in its sound and textures. And that’s evident from the one-two punch of opening tracks, “Beauty of Life” and “Look Like.” On the former, the producer crafts a heartfelt joint with Boston stalwarts REKS, Termanology, and Kay-R. But on “Look Like,” the tone changes to something more neon-tinged as REKS and Brooklyn staple Skyzoo deliver charming, late-night raps.

This varied style is intentional, as KLK explains that he wants to leave his legacy through his unique, genre-shifting sound that, at times, does stray a bit from pure Hip-Hop. “Interlude 1” is a smooth Jazz romp made for laid-back weekends and is followed by the more R&B/House-inspired “Taking Your Love Away” featuring Texas’ J Tronius. In less capable hands, shifts like this would sound forced or janky, but KLK has meticulously paced Cruising so that it transitions smoothly from one track to the next.

It’s that attention to detail that makes Cruising such a refreshing and rewarding listen. It also makes it clear that KLK Beats is a producer to watch as we make our way through 2018 and onward. This is only the beginning for a talented newcomer who has an exciting future ahead of him.

Cruising is now available through the digital retailer and streaming platform of your choice, via Beantown Bullies Music.

Stream/Download (Smart URL): HERE





01. Beautify of Life (feat. REKS, Termanology & Kay-R)

02. Look Like (feat. Skyzoo & REKS)

03. Night Lights (feat. Aminor & Lucky Dice)

04. Quiet Storm (feat. Daniel SkyHigh McClain & Regal)

05. Interlude 1

06. Taking Your Love Away (feat. J Tronius)

07. Legacy (feat. J Tronius, Lucky Dice & REKS)

08. Cruising (feat. Minor, Melodik Flows)

09. Interlude 2

10. Time Flies (feat. J Tronius & Edo G)

11. Reflection (feat. P Soul)

12. Another Round (feat. Daniel SkyHigh McClain & J Tronius)

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