Kiari the Stone: “PRMSLND” [Album Stream]

Kiari the Stone: “PRMSLND” [Album Stream]


Kiari the Stone is an artist out of Nevada. Now, before doing this write-up I listened to a couple cuts from Kiari’s previous work. His latest “PRMSLND” is extremely different than his last album “Audiopium”. Usually when an artist does this, I’m highly skeptical but here Kiari just opens up a completely new realm of music to the listener especially those familiar with everything he’s done up to this point.

The production is more hazy and smokey with Kiari the Stone doing more to ride the beat rather than just smash it to pieces. Jump into Kiari the Stone’s “PRMSLND” as he takes you into the past, into the future, on his grind and on what he’s experienced. It’s ride worth listening to and absorbing. From calm joints to bangers for the whip you won’t be disappointed in “PRMSLND”. You can stream the project below and keep it locked here as I should be reviewing it real soon.

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