Kendrick Lamar Could Still Be Dropping an Album Today by @MILFENCE

Kendrick Lamar Could Still Be Dropping an Album Today by @MILFENCE

I already know what your thinking. This impatient, bitter Kendrick Lamar stan can’t get over the fact that KDot simply won’t be dropping an album on April 7th. This logic of course stemmed from the lyric on his new single “The Heart Part 4”: “Y’all got till April the 7th to get y’all shit together.” While most fans, including myself, interpreted this as foreshadowing for a potential release, there was never a firm confirmation that this would in fact happen. As the date came around the corner, a pre-order link popped up on iTunes. The title of the project is simply ALBUM, along with 14 tracks that have production credits to names such as The AlchemistDJ Dahi, and of course what would a Kendrick Lamar project be without some beats from Sounwave. HOWEVER, the expected release date was listed as April 14th, 2017. Certainly not what people expected. Despite this, April 7th is still not over, and I am cautiously optimistic that KDot’s album may still end up being released today.

First of all, it is worth noting that this pre-order TECHNICALLY was not put up on April 7th, but in fact an hour before hand (around 11:00 PM EST, 4/6). So if the argument is that the pre-order is what we had to “get our shit together” for, I have a hard time believing that. Maybe if the link went up directly at midnight or anytime afterwards, I potentially could believe this to be the case. Another suspicious aspect of this whole situation (and probably the biggest one of all) is the fact that neither Top Dawg himself, nor Punch, Dave Free, or Cornrow have acknowledged the presence of the pre-order since the drop (Kendrick’s Instagram is also completely deleted of content again). Hmmmm? Why would this be? If the album was actually dropping the 14th, wouldn’t Top and the others be trying to heavily promote the number of pre-orders before the supposed release date? If you remember, a similar issue occurred with the release of Jay Rock’s90059. Top heavily promoted the album and in fact stated that the album would be released quicker if a certain number of pre-orders were purchased. Of course we are dealing with an entirely different monster here with Kendrick. Kendrick’s notoriety and fame would not require Top to do such a thing. If Kendrick drops, EVERYONE will go to buy whatever it is he drops. So financial concerns could not be an issue. So why drop a pre-order and still not promote or even acknowledge it? Beats me.

What ever we needed to prepare for on April 7th, still may not have occured yet.

Despite all this, I won’t be bitter or angry if the album doesn’t end up getting released today. Joey Bada$$ released an excellent album today and I am PERFECTLY satisfied with that (WHICH ALL OF YOU SHOULD GO LISTEN TO IMMEDIATELY IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY). I am already excited just by the fact that Kendrick is actually going to be dropping an album. BUT. The pre-order technically wasn’t up on the 7th, and it hasn’t even been officially recognized by Top Dawg Entertainment, and that is very suspicious to me. But then again, I could just be an eager Kendrick stan that is endlessly craving for his new work. Let’s see how this plays out.

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