Keenon Rush: “Keen Is Abel” [Album Stream]

Keenon Rush: “Keen Is Abel” [Album Stream]

Atlanta has always been a hotbed for hip-hop and coming off their presentation of the A3C Hip-Hop Festvial even more talent has exploded onto the scene. Keenon Rush during the week of A3C had three (yes, three other) shows that he murdered. While all this is happening his lead single for the project “Can’t You Tell” premiered on Elevator and is rapping to the tune of over 18K views. This was only the beginning for the Atlanta hero, as now he’s released his album “Keen Is Abel”.

“Keen Is Abel” comes in around 40 minutes and 11 tracks. “Can’t You Tell” is the live joint that was meant to be heard with the bass turned to 11. However, it goes much deeper than just an album full of bangers as Keenon Rush tells us the story of trial and triumph. Tracks like “Big Risk” is all about putting everything on the line for your passion. Again this isn’t all Keenon Rush brings to the table, “The Ride” is a duet with Alexis Foster where Rush shows his vocal range. “Keen Is Abel” is a diverse and varied project that shows the true breadth of Keenon Rush’s talent and lyrical ability.

You can stream “Keen Is Abel” on your platform of choice HERE.

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