Katie Got Bandz : Zero to 39th

Katie Got Bandz : Zero to 39th

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The Drill scene has a first lady and her name is Katie Got Bandz.

Referred to as Drillary Clinton or by her ad lib “KAAATTIIEE!!”

Kiara Johnson, is the now 20 year old queen of Drill Music and has nearly eclipsed other rising female stars of the drill music scene such as, Sasha Go Hard and Dreezy.  Katie has been in the Chicago drill music scene for a minute, and continues to crank out music with producer/cousin Block On Da Trakk.

In her latest mixtape Zero to 39th, released May 8th, Katie Got Bandz finally gets to tell her story of struggle growing up in Chicago while simultaneously giving you classic drill record. Ms.Drillary Clinton gets to shed a little light on her life on 39th street on the South Side of Chicago, and on her gun case in 2011 that nearly halted her rap career. This being Katie’s 5th mixtape you can hear her maturity and growth in her music. Releasing herself from the fame of “ Pop Out” from her first mixtape Drillary Clinton, (which is now a club anthem) Katie has finally grown up…sort of.

The growth of Ms. Got Bandz can be seen in songs such as “Grammy Ft. OTF Savage”, “Really” & “ Boss Bitch”. When looking back on Katie’s work such as “I’m A Hitta” (mind you she was only 18 at the time), you can hear Katie settling into her well-developed persona and proudly wearing her crown as  the queen of drill music in Zero to 39th.

In Zero to 39th Katie Got Bandz has mastered her adlibs, has a stronger musical connection with her cousin/producer Block On Da Trakk and finally worked with different producers this time around. Unlike her 4th mixtape Coolin In Chiraq, Katie Worked with new producers and it was extremely evident and needed.  New producers such as D Gainz, C Sick, Lex Luger, Kick Raux and Superstar D, pushed Katie to spit harder than ever and actually tell a story instead of giving off a persona in every song.

One of the most interesting aspects of Katie’s project Zero To 39th is Katie’s experimentation. Katie and her team obviously wanted to expand Katie’s catalog of music on this mixtape and also play with classic drill beats. From “Boss Bitch”, which is actually the same song on her first mixtape Drillary Clinton with a new verse, Katie does not lose her edge. Katie gets to experiment on songs like “Grammy” and “39 Bars” where she ACTUALLY spits and does more than give you a simplistic bar or two.

The features on this mixtape are also super important because unlike Coolin In Chiraq, Katie takes a backseat to having a project filled with features and sticks to featuring artist that expand her sound. Features have at times been Katie’s fall back, however in this project Katie shines and selects beats that give her space to grow and features that compliment that notion.

Zero to 39th is not one my favorite mixtapes from Katie Got Bandz. I couldn’t vibe with this project too much because Katie’s own story line of growing up in South Side,Chicago gets lost quickly, plus I have own personal issues with certain songs such as “Do It For The Gram”. (Where she spends 3 minutes straight bashing other girls….The feminist in me couldn’t mess with it!). However Zero to 39th, is a good showing of the fact that Katie is here and is still making noise. She gives off heavy Crime Mob/ Waka Flocka vibes so I mess with her heavy!  Give her a deal and some marketing Katie Got Bandz could be a problem!

Favorite Songs: “On Shorty Ft. Canno Da God” & “Lil Bitch Part.2”

Least Favorite Songs: “Do It For The Gram Ft. Canno Da God” & “A1 Ft. OTF Savage”

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