Kanye West: “No More Parties in LA” (feat. Kendrick Lamar) [prod. by Madlib] #GOODFridays

Kanye West: “No More Parties in LA” (feat. Kendrick Lamar) [prod. by Madlib] #GOODFridays


Last week Kanye West gave us “Real Friends” to start off the return of #GOODFridays. This past Friday Kim Kardashian West announced that the second joint would be delayed due to Kanye flying across the world to handle some Yeezy Season 3 business. Today however Kanye tweeted the link for “No More Parties in LA”. I have no shame admitting that this is my favorite Kanye joint in a long time and the math is perfect. Madlib beat (from the My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy sessions), Kanye West and a guest feature from Kendrick Lamar make this combination exactly what old Kanye West fans have been waiting for. Lyrically Kanye West stays on the theme of how he’s handled his fame over the past years. Both Lamar and West throw in easily more than your average verse length so pay attention. Kanye West’s newest LP “Swish” drops in February. Keep locked it here for updates on “Swish” and #GOODFridays.

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