Kamron Bahani talks “DSM VI”, Mental Health and His Upcoming LP

Kamron Bahani talks “DSM VI”, Mental Health and His Upcoming LP

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New York emcee Kamron Bahani splashed onto the scene a couple months ago with his debut single “Depersonalization”. With that his potential and high ceiling were recognized, last week the emcee released his debut tape “DSM VI”. On it he covers multiple angles and facets of mental illness. I had a chance to sit down with Bahani and talk about the motivation behind the tape, how he got into hip-hop and what’s coming next in the form of his debut LP.

Dead End Hip Hop: Who is Kamron Bahani for those who don’t know?

Kamron Bahani: An individual who tries to encompass creativity and inspiration. I’m a 23-year old who’s been doing the rap thing for about 10 years now, and all I do is read. Somewhat of a nerd in the field oh philosophy & psychology.

DEHH: How did you get involved with hip-hop?

KB: Damn, I can never forget; I was living in Alabama & my neighborhood was prevalent in cook outs. It was ’97 and someone was playing SouthernPlayalisticCadillacMuzik. Right then & there it felt like an innate interest. I was 4 years old, but then I went to listen to a whole plethora of rap, understand the dynamics and paradigms, after that, it became pure passion.

DEHH: Now “DSM VI” is your first tape/project and you picked a pretty heavy subject matter to get your point across why that for your first project?

KB: Yeah, the subject matter is heavy, but the relevance of this project is to somewhat help listeners understand how serious mental disorders are. I try to do it in the most enticing way possible so the thematic approach can dig into their subconscious while they consciously appreciate the music. A little Freudian.

DEHH: How did the idea of “DSM VI” come about?

KB: I was diagnosed with OCD a few years back, and after that, I became intrigued. In “Depersonalization” in the beginning, where the voices are slowed down, I say, “seven inhabitants who are apprehensive to apprehend these average men/ one in every couple thousand men, or one in every ten men.” To me, that’s the whole thematic background of the EP, mental disorders can happen to anyone.

DEHH: Every track seems to have a different energy, a different personality as the listener goes on this six track journey. What was the idea behind giving these disorders personality?

KB: It was kind of relevant to the belief that everyone has a little bit of a mental disorder in them. For example, if a girl won’t text you back, you obsessively think about what she’s doing, anxiety is prevalent in every day situations. I made that feeling relatable to listeners.

DEHH: When people are done listening to “DSM VI” what do you want them to walk away with?

KB: I want them to feel however they feel, amalgams of emotion shape the human mind. Of course, I think that there’s a lot to admire on that tape. The most important facet of exposure to me is having someone know my name.

DEHH: Your flow and cadence I feel is unique and you’re tackling a lot of different tempos and styles here, what influenced that varied style in this tape?

KB: Outkast, Showbiz & AG, Big L, a lot of old school artists who paved the way for a generation; my true inspiration really came from being able to appreciate hip-hop for what it is. It’s expressionism in its purest form.

DEHH: Now “DSM VI” is only the beginning, what’s coming up next for Kamron Bahani?

KB: My LP “By The River” will be out on September 6th. I can’t wait for that.

DEHH: Can you give us a little bit of insight to “By The River?”

KB: Pretty much, it’s a chronicle of my life in accordance to my experiences which shaped my beliefs. Living in Alabama & the transition to New York is crucial in this project.

DEHH: Anything else before we get out of here?

KB: I want to thank everyone who supports me, one day I’m gonna make it; I don’t stop because OCD is my mental disorder. I don’t stop obsessing until I get it, and even then, it will never be good enough. You’ll see a lot more of me.

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