Kamron Bahani: “Substance Abuse” (prod. by Taylor King)

Kamron Bahani: “Substance Abuse” (prod. by Taylor King)


Another week, another single from Kamron Bahani. If you’ve been keeping up Kamron Bahani, his flow and lyricism is razor sharp, but if you grab your shovel and dig a bit deeper Kamron Bahani is talking some of the realest stuff out right now.

In his latest single “Substance Abuse” you could actually frame the track in a number of different ways and I believe that’s what makes Bahani such a talent. Had he named the track something else you could’ve easily mistaken the track for more of a romantic joint. However once you gone deeper you can feel and hear the dependence in Bahani’s voice and cadence. Taylor King’s instrumental brings the pain and feelings to life.

We’ve released three singles from Bahani’s upcoming album “DSM VI” (including this one) you can check out “ADHD” & “Depersonalization” HERE & HERE.

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