Kamron Bahani: “Senpo” (prod. by Ohini Jonez)

Kamron Bahani: “Senpo” (prod. by Ohini Jonez)

New York emcee Kamron Bahani had an unbelieveable 2017, dropping three projects including his debut LP and two other surrounding EPs. Bahani proved that he could spit with the best of them, while also willing to experiment with different genres.

In 2018, Kamron Bahani is coming out the gates swinging and seemingly with a new drive and direction. In “Senpo” Kamron Bahani is heading back to his roots, this time with Georgia producer Ohini Jonez to bring that underground sound. Kamron brings the heat as always and this is a perfect way to start the New Year, and the perfect way to introduce Bahani’s sophomore album “Magnum Opus Open” which is set to release March 18th.

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