Kamron Bahani: “By The River” [Album Stream]

Kamron Bahani: “By The River” [Album Stream]


New York emcee Kamron Bahani showed a lot of raw potential in his debut project “DSM VI” a musical interpretation of different mental illnesses. Ears were perked off the EP, Bahani with his rap fire flow and next level lyricism, gave Bahani new fans. However “DSM VI” isn’t where Bahani’s year ends, today I have the debut LP from Kamron Bahani entitled “By The River”.

10 tracks deep, Bahani is still personal but definitely holds back in comparison to his previous project. That said the raw lyricism and flow are still there, Bahani will impress you and have you going back and relistening to his rapid fire flow. There are some hooks on here that seem really forced, but the rapping is intact and isn’t that what we’re here for. Bahani covers heartbreak, the competition and even goes back in time to tell us an intense story about his father.

For now you can stream “By The River” below, keep it locked here as I’ll be reviewing the record in full next week.

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