Kamron Bahani: “MENACE” [Album Review]

Kamron Bahani: “MENACE” [Album Review]

Kamron Bahani is truthfully one of my favorite up and coming emcees and I don’t even like calling him up and coming because he’s released a lot of music in his career so far. The prolific Brooklyn emcee has dropped EPs and multiple LPs. After his sophomore full-length release “Magnum Opus Open”, we lost touch with Bahani for a minute. Now he’s made his return with the EP “MENACE”.

“MENACE” pulls the tastes and vibes from all of Bahani’s previous bouts. He gives us a dose of everything, tracks like “Super”, “Gellatin” (though wayyy too short) & “This That” harken to the cutthroat, fire spitter we’ve grown to love over the last couple projects. Other tracks like “I Against I” & “Energy” take more of a wallowing and dark feel to it that we’re used to getting from Kamron Bahani as well.

However my gripes with the Brooklyn artist remain the same, there are times when Bahani takes on vocals that are out of his range as a vocalist. I used to give it somewhat as a pass for growing pains and finding your sound, BUT there are moments on here where the singing does work. “Lights On” is actually an incredible and beautiful song that works because Bahani stays within his range and brought on another vocalist in Sheila Carlito to back him up. This is something easily something to take to the drawing board for the next project.

The good easily outweighs the bad on “MENACE” but the bad trips up the cadence to the album. For every time I made the stinkface because I’m always so impressed by Kamron Bahani’s delivery and execution, I cringed for some of the poorly delivered/engineered singing vocals. The next challenge for Bahani is to make a consistent record front to back, Bahani’s potential is off the charts, he’s one of the better emcees I’ve ever heard but factors like singing vocals hold this project and Bahani back from truly exploding in the industry. “MENACE” has something for everyone and if you can look passed some of the growing pains, Bahani is guaranteed to impress you with his flow and raw execution.

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