Kamron Bahani: “Magnum Opus Open” [Album Review]

Kamron Bahani: “Magnum Opus Open” [Album Review]

I always applaud new artists for even attempting to come up in this music industry, everywhere we turn a new trend is being thrown in our face. Social media dictates more than any of us would like to admit. New York’s Kamron Bahani has gone through the trenches, last year he erupted onto the scene with three projects. Two EPs and his debut LP, his first EP put everyone on notice as Bahani showed that he was full of raw talent. His LP “By The River unraveled the story of Bahani while continuing to showcase his fire starter abilities. Now in 2018, Kamron Bahani is here with his sophomore album “Magnum Opus Open” (which I’m referring to as MOO from here on out, deal with it).

Off top you can hear Kamron Bahani’s growth, yes we’re still getting the quick spitter who can string words together better than most, but it’s clear Bahani has slowed down just a tick to really figure out who he is as an artist and what he sounds best on. To me, this was the most important facet of the album because it gives Bahani the consistency some of the previous releases were lacking. This is heard first on “Red” we get a heater of a beat in our headphones, but Bahani’s ready to go spitting like we’ve gotten to know over the last year and a half. It’s the next track “West 63” that shows Bahani knows where he shines brightest. The underground, funk, jazzy sound is guaranteed to have you on your feet, I’d love to hear this live.

Kamron Bahani sounds the most comfortable over these instrumentals, which are varied from the underground involved “Marcus Aurelius” to the soul-bearing “I”. One of my bigger gripes with Bahani’s music over the last couple projects is the almost forced singing vocals. This time though, again it seems like Bahani took a step and added an extra effect in post-production to be more cohesive to the music and it may not work every time, “I” is a perfect example of where his singing works.

“Magnum Opus Open” is by far Kamron Bahani’s most focused and pinpoint effort. I don’t think Bahani’s reached his final form yet and that’s honestly more terrifying about the New York upstart. If you like energetic rap that smacks you in the head but soothes you with vulnerabilities Kamron Bahani is the emcee for you. I think I want to see Bahani dive a bit deeper into storytelling and using different flows but as with everything music is a growing process. For now enjoy “Magnum Opus Open”.

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