Kamron Bahani: “Grown” (prod. by Cxdy)

Kamron Bahani: “Grown” (prod. by Cxdy)

Kamron Bahani’s grind continues, just a couple months after putting out his debut LP (which he put out a couple months after his debut EP) “By The River”. The fire spitter from New York is getting ready to release yet another EP in November called “Crowns Don’t Cure The Headache”. Today I have the first single from the project “Grown” produced by Cxdy.

The formula hasn’t so much changed as much as it’s been refined, by Bahani. He’s still spitting bars that will make your head spin, have you rewinding and repeating the whole cut. Bahani says that “Crowns Don’t Cure The Headache” is going to be a more personal bout this time around, but Bahani has proven all 2017 that he’s more than capable of creating a diverse set of art. “CDCTH” is set to release November 4th.

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