Kamron Bahani: “DSM VI” (Stream + Album Review)

Kamron Bahani: “DSM VI” (Stream + Album Review)

dsm vi

Emcee Kamron Bahani has really come through like a bolt of lightning over the last couple weeks. In releasing three singles during that time, Bahani out of nowhere decided to release the “DSM VI” tape, six tracks to introduce you to the emcee and his upcoming LP set to release later this year.

If I’m being frank this is a strong debut showing from an artist I didn’t know about a couple months ago. You can hear Bahani’s potential and raw talent from the beginning of the tape in “A.D.H.D”. Bahani’s ability to stay on beat and to keep his cadence and flow all the while conveying his story to the listener without missing a beat is impressive. His voice is gruff and just adds to the personality of an emcee that we’re just learning about for the first time here.

At first listen it’s easy to chalk up Kamron Bahani’s excellence to just studying the greats but his ability doesn’t just stop with raw rap talent. If you dig deeper into Bahani’s work you’ll see there’s a ton of creativity behind this tape. This is Bahani’s interpretation of different mental disorders, it’s most prevalent in “A.D.H.D.” in my opinion but tracks like “Substance Abuse” tackle those issues in another light. The production is varied enough to really give each mental disorder on this EP a different feel and evoke a different emotion on every track.

My only beef is that sometimes the vocal mix comes in a bit unbalanced, but other than that Kamron Bahani knocks this tape out of the park. I was pleasantly surprised by Bahani’s raw ability on the mic, his ability to handle beats is impressive. “DSM VI” tackles mental disorders, but he’s not covering it in a way that drags down the listener. In a variety of approaches over a variety of beats, Kamron Bahani’s “DSM VI” is more than an impressive showing and I’m looking forward to his full-length LP “By the River” which will drop later this year.

For now you can stream “DSM VI” below, let me know what you think in the comments, we’ll be dropping an interview with Bahani later this week.

Grade: B+

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