Kamron Bahani: “Depersonalization” (prod. by Blu Majic)

Kamron Bahani: “Depersonalization” (prod. by Blu Majic)


Kamron Bahani (formerly known as Kuhlamity) and his style is good mix of old school/underground and a bit of what is on the radio. Now before you freak out let me explain, today I have a joint called “Depersonalization”. Off first listen we’re getting chilled, underground sounds, courtesy of Blu Majic. Bahani explodes onto the beat confident as ever, owning the beat as one should.

However if you dig a bit deeper there’s more going on than meets the eye. “Depersonalization” is the first single off Bahani’s upcoming album “DSM VI”. Each song on the 18-track album is Bahani’s take on mental disorders. Personally I’m all about this current trend of mixing old school sounds with a more mainstream approach lyrically, while still having substance if that makes any sense. Peep the single below and let me know what you think in the comment section below. “DSM VI” drops July 12th.

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