Kamron Bahani: “The Crown Doesn’t Cure The Headache” [Album Stream]

Kamron Bahani: “The Crown Doesn’t Cure The Headache” [Album Stream]

New York emcee Kamron Bahani had an active 2017, starting with his debut “DSM VI” where mental illness was the topic. Shortly after that, Bahani made his presence known in the varied yet still potent debut LP “By The River”. Both projects alone were enough to propel the emcee to the next level. However amongst all this, life still hits hard, it doesn’t care if you’re on top or at the bottom, pain can strike whenever. When that happens you can stand and fight, or run away.

In Bahani’s latest EP “The Crown Doesn’t Cure The Headache” chooses to fight. The title is perfect for this project as Bahani presents four stages of grief. In being one of 2017’s more prolific emcees, Bahani’s been getting alot of attention, that ascension didn’t stop life from blindsiding him. Going through it? Pop in this four track EP and let me know what you think. Get ready for a review coming next week.

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