Kamron Bahani: “The Crown Doesn’t Cure The Headache” [Album Review]

Kamron Bahani: “The Crown Doesn’t Cure The Headache” [Album Review]

I know I’m getting on your nerves speaking on New York’s Kamron Bahani, but you have to respect his grind. Back in May, Bahani exploded on the scene with his EP “DSM VI”, the project was lyrically centered around mental illness. Bahani leveled up yet again in releasing his debut full-length album “By The River”, a more centered effort, Bahani appealed to both underground and radio listeners alike with heaters like “Pistola”.

Somehow, some way Kamron Bahani has decided to release one last project to close out the year in “The Crown Doesn’t Cure The Headache”. Usually I’m against artists dropping so much music at one time, but in the case of Bahani it almost seemed like he had to release this. The joint is four tracks, however it’s still a focused effort. It’s clear Bahani lost someone near and dear to him and any time that happens it can be jarring, to the point of triggering fight or flight. Bahani chose to fight.

There are a couple ways to take this project, one can see this as an extension of “By The River”, Bahani is spitting on every track on here. As with “By The River” the singing is there, I can honestly say that he’s improved in the singing department, but sometimes the hooks are jarring, taking the listener outside of the experience. The production on this is tilted, off-kilter and trippy and honestly I think this is the production Bahani stands out most on.

Bahani’s closing out 2017 on a high note, rumor has it he’s already working on his sophomore follow-up to “By The River”. “The Crown Doesn’t Cure The Headache” is Bahani’s victory lap drenched in tragedy and recovery. The title fits perfectly, regardless of how high we get life will knock you on your a** in a heartbeat. What will you do? Take a listen to Bahani’s fight and let me know what you think.

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