Album Review: Vintage Art – K. Sparks

Album Review: Vintage Art – K. Sparks

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I was first introduced to K.Sparks from Dead End Hip Hop with the “Tomorrow  Today” review. K. Sparks had me at “Sunshine”. I’ve always felt as though he was a great emcee and his “Manic Mondays” proved to the industry and culture that he was going to be here for a while. With that being said, when I was presented with his new project, Vintage Art, to review… had to make sure that I was a part of it.

First off, I have to address the album title. Vintage Art is what K. Sparks is. K. Sparks style literally brings us back to the nostalgic period when hip hop was becoming an art form platform. Within that same vein, he makes it current as a sonic dope dealer (hopefully, you caught all of the puns in that last sentence). K. Sparks comes to reassure all of the “Rosa Parks on the back of the bus to move forward” within their purpose in life.

K. Sparks also shows how diverse he really is switching his flow on tracks like “Everywhere”, “Dummin’ Out”  and “Whateva”.   His flow is so crazy and fast that it can take your ear off what I feel is the best REPEAT OFFENDER (aka hot bars) on the album on “Dummin’ Out” (“I’m Holyfield’s ear cuz my flow is enticing/in Tyson) . He then shifts again and speaks on how social media is creating struggles within society with “Feminization”. K. Sparks also shows that his storytelling skills can be heart-felt and heart breaking with the emotional and chilling track “Momma”.

Overall, K. Sparks creates a classical album on a hip hop canvas. It is completely balanced with art that can appeal to all coasts, mainstream or underground that will and can inspire. I expect to see this project in many top 10 (or top 5….Top 3) lists at the end of the year. Every song is a REPEAT OFFENDER and embodies what hip hop is. For K. Sparks to capture love and pain so perfectly on tracks is uncanny. Once again, his vintage style takes you back to when you first heard Rakim, Big Daddy Kane,  Nas, Biggie, Big L, Big Pun, 2 pac, Jay-z and delivers that feeling. At the end, Vintage Art is a masterpiece.

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