K. Sparks | Casablanca, Round Midnight Audio | @Ksparkstv @inaworldofnegli

K. Sparks | Casablanca, Round Midnight Audio | @Ksparkstv @inaworldofnegli


“Casablanca, ‘Round Midnight” is K. Sparks first single from his EP entitled “Gold” produced entirely by Negligence from the Ukraine. When asked about the title selection for the EP K. Sparks stated the following. “Gold is a substance that sustains value. Regardless of the time period it consistently retains that value. I remember there was a time period when platinum gained in popularity and every musician gravitated towards that as the standard. However as the fad ran its course the value of Gold remained. I entitled this EP Gold because it retains that value of quality lyricism, content and solid production. In this present musical climate of simplistic production and mumble lyrics I view it all as platinum. For some people it’s cool momentarily, but ultimately the Gold standard of quality music will stand the test of time. Level up”.

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