Junae Brown On Her Creative Marketing & Events Agency “Browned 2 Perfection”, Staying Organized & The Importance of Marketing & Branding [Interview]

Junae Brown On Her Creative Marketing & Events Agency “Browned 2 Perfection”, Staying Organized & The Importance of Marketing & Branding [Interview]

Back in December I had the rare chance of meeting and supporting some of the people I’ve had a chance to build with on Twitter over the years. One of those people was Junae Brown, who runs the Creative Marketing & Events Agency “Browned 2 Perfection” the story doesn’t stop there though. While I didn’t have a chance to interview Junae in person (yet) I was able to ask her some questions about her company, staying focused and what it takes to make it in New York.

Dead End Hip Hop: For those who somehow still don’t know, who is Junae Brown?

Junae Brown: Lol great question! In my best 3rd person voice (laughs), Junae Brown is a young Black Woman from Harlem, New York with a passion for Music, Marketing, and People. She is also the founder and Head of Marketing at Browned 2 Perfection Agency. Daughter, sister, friend, and positivity patron!

DEHH: Congratulations on your “Vision 2 Perfection” event last weekend, how was the turnout and energy?

JB: Thanks so much! It was honestly really amazing, my heart is still so full. I’m really grateful that we were able to bring so many amazing women (& a couple gents too!) into one place to envision how to manifest their goals and dreams. My birthday was a few days later, so it served as one of the greatest gifts ever. The affirmation portion was very soul nourishing, and the overall vibe was fun, comfy and progressive! Huge shoutout to all who attended, and my amazing team.

DEHH: Now I’m not gonna front, I know you did a lot of things, but after doing some research you’re involved in more than I can keep track of. How in the world are you able to prioritize and stay organized without losing your mind?

JB: You and me both lol! It’s really a never-ending learning process, but I am a stickler for a few things:

Calendars are life, if it’s not on my calendar it isn’t happening. I use iCal the most out of convenience, and its synced to all of my email addresses. I also have an oversized paper wall calendar, and a larger than life dry erase calendar on my wall.

When it comes to prioritizing I think that really balancing things by how much energy they take up is key. Energy is currency, and let’s just say I keep a pretty tight budget these days. That means being able to say no to some things, so that I can give the things I say yes to 100%.

I’ve also begun to develop a great team that serve as great reminders when I ignore or miss the ones on my phone lol

DEHH: Tell me a bit about “Browned 2 Perfection” and the work you all do over there?

JB: Browned 2 Perfection Agency is a Creative Marketing and Events Agency that helps artists, brands, personalities, and companies maximize their potential by becoming the Best Version of themselves. We basically take what’s already great about you, and package it uniquely to present to the masses. This is made possible through one of a kind Marketing plans, Branding strategies, Content Creation and Event Curation. No client is ever the same, so whether it’s an album release, product launch, or web series premiere we make it happen…2 Perfection.

DEHH: I had the chance and blessing to meet you in New York a couple months back for the “Music In Motion” showcase featuring acts like Chase N Cashe & Jay Prezi, how does an event like that come together from planning all the way to the execution?

JB: Yes, it was so great to finally meet you! Like any event, it all started with an idea. Sophie of Music in Motion approached my partner in crime Kim Chanel and I about helping her with the event, and we took off running. After brainstorming and choosing dates we reached out to the venue and artists. Once that was in place we came up with a flyer and promo concept. After many edits, we promoted on our different platforms until it was time for the actual event! At that point it’s about keeping communication with the venue open, ensuring the sound is right, and all acts have what they need to perform. Then they tear the house down!

DEHH: On the topic of New York, I see artists and honestly at one point myself included romanticize New York a lot, but from my experience in NY, it truly feels like if you don’t have your bearings, if you aren’t focused and ready to work NY will do more damage than help to your career, can you talk a bit on that?

Regardless of where you’re based, I believe whatever your goals are you should stay focused and work hard to achieve them. However, in NYC there is so much going on that I think naturally people get easily distracted. It’s also more expensive to live here than most places, so you need to know how to hustle or learn quickly. Trying to balance survival and dreams is what usually what discourages people after a while. NYC is a super busy and exciting city, so one can also get easily distracted by things that aren’t moving them forward. If you’re moving here to achieve certain goals and obtain access to certain spaces, then seriously come with a plan and lock-in.

p.s: If you’re already here, lock-in and stop playing.

DEHH: Why is marketing & branding so important? I feel so many artists use the words interchangeably but don’t truly understand that they’re different.

JB: Yes, I get asked the difference between these two things quite a lot. Although they often tie to together and compliment each other, they aren’t completely the same. The simplest way I can put it is that Marketing is more so the different aspects of the product and how it’ll be packaged whereas Branding is focused on whom the artist is behind the project, making sure the audience recognizes key things that make you, You. Branding often includes your look, colors, and logo. However, it goes well beyond into the “theme” or vibe you give off. My favorite example is Rihanna; you can ask 100 people to describe her in 5 words, and you’ll get a lot of the same answers and associations. That’s efficient branding. How important is Marketing and Branding to artists? It’s every single thing; regardless of the specific product, the consumer wants 2 things: a great product and a good story. It’s your job to make sure you have both and then give them both.

DEHH: What’s one key tip, you’d give to someone looking to get their name out there more on social media?

JB: Be yourself. The Best version of Yourself.

DEHH: I can’t thank you enough for taking the time out your busy schedule to sit down with us, what can we expect from you in 2018?

JB: Thanks so much to you guys over at Dead End for thinking of me! In 2018, you can expect in short, a lot more events and a lot more Marketing from the Agency. We have some exciting things cooking with both new and returning clients that we’re really excited about. We’ll also be continuing to evolve our different party series’ and niche events. Something that I personally love is providing Marketing and Wellness resources to the everyday person and creatives everywhere, so please look out for all of the ways we figure out how to do that, 2 Perfection.

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