JT Soul : “372 ; Velvet Tears”

JT Soul : “372 ; Velvet Tears”

JT Soul  is a 17-year old Canadian R&B/Hip-Hop rising star with roots in the city of Montreal. His debut EP 372 ; Velvet Tears, is a 6 track project preceded by its lead singles ‘Velvet Tears (5:AM)’ and ‘Sun & Moon’.

With a dark R&B overtone, the 372 ; Velvet Tears EP sees JT Soul painting a vivid and evocative picture of love, pain and drugs, which revolves around his youth, while continuing to honor his Montreal roots – from his name ‘JT Soul’ being inspired by the street he grew up on, Jean-Talon Street, to naming the EP after the ‘372’ night bus that rode through Jean-Talon Street, from one end of Montreal to the other.


Described as “purplish/pinkish, fuzzy textured teardrops streaming down someone’s face riding a dingy night bus with wind and waves crashing down in the dark smoky background”, the EP explores dark and emotive themes throughout – from the powerful opener ‘Down The Silhouette Road’, and the idealistically hopeful ‘Vintage Heart’, to the hard-hitting rap track ‘Tommy’s Interlude’ and the closing track ‘Hertz’, which perfectly encapsulates the EP’s premise of love and drugs.


Speaking about the inspiration behind his new EP, JT Soul says, “this ‘372 ; Velvet Tears’ EP details my sometimes youthful exuberant experience with love, drugs, and the streets of Montreal. The concept was conceived one night on the 372 Jean Talon night bus, and every song is a representation of my emotions and thoughts during the after hours of the nightI hope this record takes you back there with me”.







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