Joyner Lucas- “Back Words” Audio

Joyner Lucas- “Back Words” Audio

joyner backwords


Check out Joyner Lucas as he brings the bars “Back words”. Much of Joyner’s recent work has shone a light on the societal ills of racism, most recently “Dear America (Don’t Shoot)” for which he made his own video comprised of nothing but police brutality footage. On “Back Words” Joyner is simply having fun. It’s a prelude of sorts to Part 2 of “Words With Friends”, one of his most popular videos to date. There may not be dance made up to this one but it will definitely leave you wondering how he does it. Odds are your favorite rapper can’t (Would love to see him and Los collab though). I’m not gonna front, I was impressed with his skills on this track. What are your thoughts?

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