Jordan Caesar: “Death To Reputation” [Album Review]

Jordan Caesar: “Death To Reputation” [Album Review]

The LP on the lowest of keys, at least in my eyes is becoming a bit of a lost art, not just in creation, but artists seem to be making LPs less. So when Jordan Caesar’s LP “Death To Reputation” slid across my desk, I was automatically intrigued. I have to say, I left the album somehow still craving more, but Caesar’s execution on this LP is one I haven’t heard in a minute.

Jordan Caesar takes a varied approach on “Death To Reputation” it’s easy to miss if you only go through this album once. “Death to Reputation” is Jordan Caesar’s manifesto, we get a piece of Caesar in every track. The good and the bad. There’s energetic and revenge-fueled “Wrath Of Caesar” where our hero rides the drum pounding beat, making it clear who’s on top.

I went into this album expecting some energetic tracks with some lighter cuts in between, but Jordan Caesar threw me for a loop with tracks like “38” & “Bedroom”. Both cuts are more emotionally charged, Caesar, slows things all the way down, bearing his soul. All of this said, “Fall Down” is actually the reason this review is late. “Fall Down” is an unbelievably powerful joint, where Caesar again bears all his wounds and scars for the audience. The piano-laced production and guest vocals from Nanette really bring this track & album full circle. It’s this aspect of Caesar that fleshes him out as an artist. You can feel the pain and heartache that Jordan Caesar has gone and its left him confused and in some aspects broken and it comes out in the music.

Jordan Caesar’s “Death To Reputation” is breath of fresh air to the idea of the LP. Jordan Caesar didn’t stay in one lane or harbor one type of sound, he spreads his wings to show you all angles of his life and his talent. This isn’t just a project full of basic rap tropes, Caesar breaks the mold showing his true self. Give “Death To Reputation” a spin as Jordan Caesar gives you party hits, emotional cuts and more.

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