Jon Crawford: “Circle Of Life” [Album Review]

Jon Crawford: “Circle Of Life” [Album Review]

I’ve mentioned this a number of times in reviews, but nowadays the art of the LP, the full-length isn’t taken as seriously as it used to. Some blame that on the “More Life” playlist that Drake released, some blame it on the uninterested consumer, but I personally think artists have just strayed from the time and effort necessary to craft a full-length album. It’s not easy, it’s a process and when that process is pulled off and seen to fruition, it’s a beautiful thing. I feel that’s what Jon Crawford has done with his latest project “Circle Of Life”.

The New Jersey emcee explodes with the energy and exhilaration throughout this entire album. We’re introduced to Crawford through “No Looking Back” he sets the table for what’s to come and it’s not all pretty my friends. Immediately after the intro we get “Unforgiveable” which is a bit more of a turnup tune, but from this point on, what we get is an intense emotional roller coaster.

Regardless of which track or tracks, you’re guaranteed to relate to some of the pain that Jon Crawford feels on this. “Feelings” is a brutally honest tune covering everything from relationship pains, parental lessons, fatherhood and so much more. Jon Crawford uses the canvas of emceeing to get all of his pain off his chest. After “Feelings” I was certain there’s no way anything more personal can come up.

Daddy’s Little Girl” is Jon Crawford’s anthem and letter to his daughter, I won’t spoil things, but it’s a guaranteed must-listen. The emotional weight of what Crawford is carrying seems to grow heavier and heavier as the project presses on. That said it’s Jon Crawford’s willingness to be vulnerable that makes this album a passionate listen. When I hear an emcee’s voice crack from such a passionate and honest delivery, you know the pain they’re spitting is real.

Jon Crawford is dealing with and processing a lot of pain on this project, he’s not trying to hide it, he gives it to the listener in hopes they find some hope and solace in what they’re going through. Crawford also doesn’t leave without motivating the listener to get theirs. The world is going to beat you up, kick you while you’re down, Jon Crawford encourages us to push on in the “Circle Of Life”.

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