Jojee – I Don’t Give A

Jojee – I Don’t Give A

This is not a hip hop song. That being the case, I still felt compelled to post it after listening to it. I didn’t quite know what to expect upon pushing play and, to be honest, didn’t know that she was a singer. I expected to hear some random, southern influenced ATL/CHI trap song but was pleasantly surprised by what I heard. So, here we are. Meet Jojee.

Jojee Bio:
Born in New Hampshire but moving around the east coast, Jojee grew up surrounded by a love of music from her family. She moved to North Carolina when she was young, where she began doing musical theatre. At the age of 14, she applied and got in to a North Carolina arts school for acting. With the influence of some young musicians, Jojee began re-directing her interest from theatre to mainstream music of various genres including rock, pop and jazz throughout her time in high school. She began writing her own songs and poems for fun.

Jojee went to college in North Carolina for Fashion. In 2012, she won a national fashion scholarship that landed her in New York City. While working in fashion during the day, she began tracking covers on SoundCloud in her bedroom as a hobby in her spare time. In 2014, she met Mickey Valen, who helped inspire the full evolution of her music. They are working on a new album set to be out this year. Jojee writes, does her own artwork, and all visuals to make it a true “DIY” project. Jojee debuted in April 2015 with an edm feature with well known electronic acts Savoy and Sound Remedy called “Leaving You”.

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