Jeremiah Lyrics @Jeremiahlyrics @Raredreamers ” Fight of my life” Audio

Jeremiah Lyrics @Jeremiahlyrics @Raredreamers ” Fight of my life” Audio

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Odd Couple – Speak It Vivid (ft. Skyzoo)

Chicago Producers, the Odd Couple (produced for XV, Mikkey Halsted and more) team up with Skyzoo on ‘Speak it Vivid‘ the first single off the Odd Couple‘s debut EP ‘Seperated at Birth‘ set to be

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Kanye West: “The Life of Pablo” (Written) [Album Review]

Well, the time has come, amidst Twitter rants, release date pushbacks, calling out exes, stoners (yes you Wiz), album title changes, epic live performances….we’re here.

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