Jean P and Mydus Bring A Lush Sound With “FLS GLD” (Album Review)

Jean P and Mydus Bring A Lush Sound With “FLS GLD” (Album Review)


Canton hip-hop artist Jean P the MC has been on the grind for a while now, enough to earn veteran status in my book. Veteran status doesn’t mean that the growth stops though, that doesn’t mean Jean has reached his peak in fact his journey is just beginning. After the success of his debut album “Hometown Hero” some wondered what was next for the emcee. We heard rumors of his sophomore LP and then out of nowhere Jean announced that would be working on a project with Florida producer Mydus (who holds songs with Add-2. The two heavily collabed last year with Mydus handling a lot of the production on “Hometown Hero”. Now that the two have teamed for the EP “FLS GLD” let’s dive in and see what the two have to offer.

“FLS GLD” truly gives the listener everything an EP should, being only six tracks deep the duo only had so much time to snag the listener before the project ends with “Cold Chillin’”. Mydus creates a consistent yet fresh soundscape full with samples and sounds that take you back. However don’t mistake the vintage sounds for beats that lack progression, Mydus wants to take you back but also wants to evolve the 90s sound a lot of us grew up with.

Let’s talk Jean P who lyrically continues to show growth and tell us what he’s been through as of late. Think of “FLS GLD” as the pit stop between “Hometown Hero” and the Canton native’s sophomore project (also coming this year). It takes a long time to create a full-length project and with the need to creatively express oneself we’re given this. “Welcome Back” has Jean telling the story of a felon who just got of jail and the adjustments required after spending such a long time behind bars. The storytelling continues on “Watching Me” where Jean vividly depicts sleepless nights filled with stress and nightmares. “I had a dream I took a woman’s life, with my bare hands/staring at blood I started laughing proceeding to dance.” Jean states. Both songs tackle serious themes and material but it’s presented in such a lush, clean fashion that neither come off as boring.

With the introspection and storytelling also comes joints of hope, wisdom and just downright good hip-hop. Jean and Mydus created an entire world with “FLS GLD” with Jean playing different characters. Pair that with a carefully picked guest roster the duo showcases their own talents while bringing diversity to the project. Jean and Mydus while only giving us a small glimpse into the world they created it will entice listeners to hear more stories WGLD. From front to back this EP draws you in and will have you asking why it ended it so soon. More so it will have you looking forward to each artists’ next endeavors. For now you can stream “FLS GLD” and if you like make sure to support.

Grade: B+

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