Jay Glavany: “WITH YOU”

Jay Glavany: “WITH YOU”

Toronto-native, Jay Glavany, is back again to serenade us with his smooth vocals on his latest track, “WITH YOU”. Glavany once again delivers a soulful, heart-felt vibe, similar to his debut track, “Fallen”, which you can peep here. Glavany has been producing and writing songs about his relationships with women, love, lust and everything in between since he was barely a teenager. The concept of speaking to someone about their feelings regarding their special one is close to Jay’s heart:

“I love to create my music from the ground up. I would consider my sound soothing, groovy and sensual with a kick, and smooth vocals to tie it all together. My goal is to make sure my listeners are able to think back to a specific moment or see an alternate reality while listening to my music.”

Peep the track below.

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