DEHH Premiere: J Scienide “Ghetto” featuring Kev Brown

DEHH Premiere: J Scienide “Ghetto” featuring Kev Brown


DC emcee J Scienide is back and getting ready to release a brand new album. To bring in that announcement we have a new single from Scienide featuring DC’s Kev Brown of the Low Budget Crew. “Ghetto” produced by Scienide brings a return to a sound seemingly inspired by the LBC and its affiliates. It’s good to hear Kev Brown back on the mic, if only for a verse and J Scienide has my ears perked and ready for whatever his new project has to offer.

There aren’t too many details on the project yet, but it does feature Nolan the Ninja, Kenn Starr, yU and Superstition.

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