J. Crum: “Flawed” EP [Album Stream]

J. Crum: “Flawed” EP [Album Stream]


Nebraska emcee J.Crum is here and here with his EP “Flawed” releasing courtesy of his label Streetlight Sounds. I have to admit, I’m new to his music, but my goodness when I put this on I was pleasantly surprised. Crum doesn’t really fit into any particular niche, but rather appeals to a lot of different facets of hip hop. His voice commands the mic, that said he’s not here to tear you down, he’s still presenting his story and his flaws. He’s not soft though don’t get it twisted, tracks like “Monster” show his aggression over a heater. Tracks like “Home” show J.Crum’s range not just rapping but also singing.

You can stream J.Crum’s “Flawed” EP below, keep it locked here as we’ll be interviewing and reviewing his EP soon.

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