J. Cole’s False Prophets Track | @AskDEHH w/ Sophie

J. Cole’s False Prophets Track | @AskDEHH w/ Sophie

J. Cole set the internet on fire with his new “diss tracks”, False Prophets and Everybody Dies. He took shots at Kanye West, Wale (who responded), and mumble rappers. With a new album on the way December 9th, Cole has everyone’s attention with the two new releases. Many J. Cole apologist don’t see anything wrong with Cole’s words. Is it a diss track? Or was J. Cole just speaking the truth?

In this Ask video, we discuss J. Cole’s releases and give our take on whether Cole was out of line with this track and if it was a diss record. We also address the difference between Drake’s Kid Cudi diss vs J. Coles. What do you all think? Let us know in the comment section.

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