Ivy On Creating As A Release, Who Is Naomi Blossom & What’s To Come [Interview]

Ivy On Creating As A Release, Who Is Naomi Blossom & What’s To Come [Interview]

Ivy is coming off the release of his EP called “Naomi Blossom”. A mix of different genres and sounds curated by Ivy himself, we get a good sample of what he has to offer. I had a chance to sit down with the talented artist and talk about the process and motivation behind the project.

Dead End Hip Hop: For those who don’t know who is Ivy?

Ivy: I’m an artist, producer, anime loving nerd and most importantly a lover of God.

DEHH: How long have you been making music and what motivated you to take the dive into making music?

Ivy: I’ve been making music for about 4 years and I always used to freestyle as a way to vent, so during those times I gained a passion for the craft which lead me into wanting to be an artist.

DEHH: Tell me a bit about the “Naomi Blossom” EP, what inspired its creation?

Ivy: I always felt like I was missing something in life. I felt like I wanted to make something to pass down to my children. As confusing as it sounds this tape was made for my future daughter and her name being Naomi Blossom. Each song represented something I was going through. It helped me release all the excess stress and doubt I had in my life. It helped me fight those demons we face in life which is the past, love, and the true meaning of finding your passion.

DEHH: You tackle a diversity of styles both lyrically and from a production standpoint. Can you tell me a bit about the production on the project and how it helped you create this project?

Ivy: As a producer, I’m always learning the craft and trying something new. In this project I started to figure out my sound and what fits me. Most of the production is done by me but my engineer Troy helped me with some of the production to guide me in the right direction. Each song was made by mood and feeling of course. The song “Past” helped me cope with some situations that hurt my confidence and my faith in music. The song “Passion Fruit” helped me recover from my “past” situations to lead to love “on the mirror”.

DEHH: As an independent artist, what have you learned about yourself as an artist and the process of making and promoting music?

Ivy: I’m definitely learning the business side of everything. Every song I drop now has to have a strategy. I’m figuring out my brand and what it means to me. I’m finding true success without looking at social media, and just loving the process. I want to not only produce better but learn every aspect of music to better my craft.

DEHH: What’s your favorite track on “Naomi Blossom” & why?

Ivy: My favorite track has to be “On the Mirror” due to the fact it’s really organic and genuine from my heart compared to the other songs. I felt like I was vulnerable in every way when making the song.

DEHH: When fans are done listening to “Naomi Blossom” what do you want them to walk away with?

Ivy: Just a feeling of peace knowing that you can get through anything. Life is short and things will always pass.

DEHH: With there being three tracks on the “Naomi Blossom” EP I have to admit I’m craving more, can we expect any more music from you? What are your plans to close out 2018?

Ivy: I plan on dropping more content and I’m working on some new projects that will showcase more of my creative talent.

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