Ivy: “Naomi Blossom” EP [Album Review]

Ivy: “Naomi Blossom” EP [Album Review]

Shorter projects are nothing new, there have been EPs since theIvy beginning of time. I like EPs for a number of reasons, first it can give a new listener a quick introduction and from there the fan can decide if they want to dive deeper into the artist. Second, if done correctly an EP can be a solid body of work that really showcases the talent of the artist. Ivy’s EP “Naomi Blossom” is a short three track EP stuffed with enough diversity and content to whet your appetite for more.

Now I’m not going to front I do wish this project was at least three tracks, Ivy is clearly a talent and it would’ve been nice to hear more. In that same breath, the “Naomi Blossom” EP has Ivy singing and dropping bars with enough range to really ask, “Why isn’t there more?”

Lyrically Ivy is reflective on this project, in the introduction Ivy is leaving his “Past” behind to conquer and tackle the world ahead of him. The very next “Passion Fruit” is a perfect track to follow because it has Ivy speaking on the future and becoming confident in who he is and the impact he has the potential to leave.

The production fits our hero like a glove, weaving in and out of raw hip-hop tones and combining it with R&B vibes without diving too deep into one or the other, plays out well. Three tracks is a clever move because honestly, while I complain that it’s short, I’m more intrigued by the potential Ivy showcased and what this could entail for the future. Give the romantic and driven “Naomi Blossom” a listen and let me know what you think.

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