Introducing E-Prosounds

Introducing E-Prosounds

When you have big dreams and live outskirts of the Rotten Apple, as is the case with Rockland County’s own E-Prosounds, the journey can seem more memorable than the destination. For his first single off of his debut album, The Divine Mind, you can feel the hunger and confidence that E-Pro has for earning his bargain of cash for jargon. Over a smooth yet punctuated beat that only Ron Burgundy’s Jazz flute could match, we step into the minivan with E-Pro, his squad, and some dog hairs, as he showcases that a kid from the ‘burbs can flow with the best of ’em. There’s no confusion that he’s studied some of Boom Bap’s greatest, as we get the first taste of what it’s like inside The Divine Mind. And don’t take offense to the hook. After all, you’re not one of those kids that’s snoozing on their dreams, right? The Divine Mind becomes available for free download next Thursday, February 13th.

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