Indio Prather: “Just My Thoughts” EP [Album Stream]

Indio Prather: “Just My Thoughts” EP [Album Stream]

Pardon my sluggishness, as I’ve been recovering from A3C, speaking of which today I have Indio Prather’s EP “Just My Thoughts”. I had the pleasure of meeting the emcee at A3C and my guy can spit. I honestly feel like you could toss any beat at Indio and not only would he kill the beat but do it in a number of creative ways and flows.

“Just My Thoughts” doesn’t fit any specific lane, that said Indio is a spitter, the production is all over the place, a mix of ambient beats and underground bangers. Rumor has it Indio Prather plans to be more prolific in 2018 but “Just My Thoughts” is a good sampler of the range of talent Indio brings to the table. Stream “Just My Thoughts” below and keep it locked here for all things hip-hop.


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