Indio Prather: “Just My Thoughts” EP [Album Review]

Indio Prather: “Just My Thoughts” EP [Album Review]

Hip-hop is the most diverse it’s been since its inception, artists dipping their toes in different genres, creating collaborations some of us never thought possible. All of this said, I always feel like the essence of hip-hop is lost in the shuffle these days. Indio Prather hopes to keep that light going on his latest EP “Just My Thoughts”.

In the liner notes on his bandcamp, Indio prefaces the release saying “A lot of sh*t has has on in the last 12+ months since the last project dropped”. The emotions, feelings and thoughts of Indio Prather are dispersed across six tracks beginning with the instrumental intro “Tired As Hell”. Indio explodes on the scene in “Solid” the first vocal track on the album, we hear the potential of what’s to come. “No More” which features Illingsworth & Rufio Jones, is a heart-wrenching track covering the issues of today and who’s actually responsible for these issues.

My only real beef with the EP is that it doesn’t deviate from the formula proposed in the first track. Even in tone we don’t hear much of a change from Indio, the best example of this is in “Give me bread instead” the verses are fire and it’s clear Indio is a talented emcee who knows their history, however the hook is repeated so much with no change in inflection that it kind of takes you out the track.

Indio Prather is clearly a talent and this release shows it, while I do wish it was more diverse, fans who are about the boom bap, original raps will love this project. Indio Prather is just getting started though, I’m excited to see what a full-length project sounds like from him and rumor has it he’s working on content & art for next year too that extends beyond music.

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