InderPaul Sandhu breaks out with the “Fountain Pen”

InderPaul Sandhu breaks out with the “Fountain Pen”

InderPaul Sandhu brings us closer to his fears and hopes on the mellow, introspective record titled “Fountain Pen”. Over a minimal, soulful chord progression, the artist delivers a heartfelt performance that would get the listener drawn to his swirling emotions and expressive lyrics to match. He summarily breaks down his life with the lines ‘Flunked college, never got that job that I wanted’  and proceeds to pull at our heart’s strings with his gloomy vibes.

The visual was shot by John Ross Courage and portrays Sandhu as a street bum experiencing some sort of an epiphany but still unconcerned about most things around him. He further explains  “…Everyone has set themselves goal’s and targets that they didn’t make, reach or even come close too and where many people quit or get disheartened it is those that are determined to be successful in their endeavours that get somewhere…”

“Fountain Pen” (Produced by Essie B )is taken from his newest EP Bloom.

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