illgod – ” Kalakuti Vol. 2″

illgod – ” Kalakuti Vol. 2″




Nigerian producer, Illgod presents the second volume to the Kalakuti Series titled “Kalakuti Vol. 2“. The young producer very much inspired by Fela Kuti‘s enormous discography, taps into the vibe and crafts some interesting gems. Blending hard hitting boom bap drums and afrobeat sounds over 10 tracks.


Kalakuti Vol. 2
1. Shit (Introlude)
2. P is for Palaver II
3. Folo Folo
4. I.T.T. (Felalude)
5. M.O.P. (The Black President)
6. H2O
7. Apache
8. P is for Palaver I
9. Defenestration
10. The Reason
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