IDK. – “IWASVERYBAD” [Announcement + Adult Swim Commercial]

IDK. – “IWASVERYBAD” [Announcement + Adult Swim Commercial]

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DMV rapper, IDK., formerly Jay IDK, announced the title of his upcoming album, as well as release dates, via an Adult Swim commercial. IDK had been teasing the acronym, #IWVB, via Twitter prior to the announcement of what it stood for. He had also released a single entitled “Baby Scale” featuring Yung Gleesh via Adult Swim.

Back in April, IDK announced a partnership with Adult Swim. He revealed that he and the network would collaborate on the roll-out of his next project via the release of music videos that would debut on the network. The commercial that aired last night at [8:50] PM confirmed that this process was in full swing. September 28th was listed as the “PREMIERE” date, while the 29th through the 13th of October were listed as “EVERYWHERE”. While we don’t know for sure what exactly is premiering, we can assume that the latter will include new singles off of the album and/or music videos. Check out the commercial below for yourself.

This is a very intriguing roll-out process. IDK continues to prove that he is one of the most creative minds in modern hip-hop. Tune into Adult Swim on the said dates for IDK’s new material.

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