.@iampatjunior: “S.O.T.B” [Music Video]

.@iampatjunior: “S.O.T.B” [Music Video]

North Carolina emcee P.A.T Junior had a stellar year in 2016 dropping his debut LP “Learning to Live” that it’s already got people fiending for more. Luckily P.A.T. has our back and just released “S.O.T.B” (Stepping Out The Batcave). On his late night we see have our superhero winded and exhausted, however most importantly we have him resilient. Self-aware of the struggle by the end we see P.A.T recognize his place in hip-hop and that’s as a leader and hero. Peep above and if you haven’t heard “Learning to Live” you can listen HERE.

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