Hip Hop/R&B Surpasses Rock Music As America’s Favorite Genre

Hip Hop/R&B Surpasses Rock Music As America’s Favorite Genre


It’s about that time. According to a recent report by Nielsen, an organization that monitors consumer behavior and rate of consumption, Hip Hop/R&B (which are lumped into one genre) are the most listened-to tunes in 2017. The combined genre accounts for 25.1% of all music consumption in the United States. But how exactly is this measured? According to Billboard, who got it from Nielsen, this 25.1% accounts for physical album sales, album streams, and video streams.

This is the first time Hip Hop/R&B has led the charts in consumption, and 25.1% is the largest percentage ever achieved by Hip Hop/R&B. This is the also the first time Rock music has not been first in this measurement, as this year it rests at 23%. It’s not a competition, but this does speak for the impact these genres have on our market and society. If you’re interested in the numbers, Billboard does a very fine job of outlining some important specifics of the Nielsen report.

The sky’s the limit from here on out. How will music influence us next? Maybe Kendrick Lamar will appear on Game of Thrones.

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